4 Reasons to work at a Summer Camp

Are you sceptical about summer camp?

Summer camp.

Money, a waste of time, not safe. These are probably the first things that come into mind when thinking about going to work in a summer camp. You read online about all the different costs and it completely deters you. Making you consider doing something else instead. You may have even read stories about other people going abroad to work at camp where they’ve had an unpleasant experience.

Well I’ll admit I was one of these people. I was sceptical about going in the first place. But I am so glad I went against my gut and decided to spend a summer at an American camp. To help you guys make the correct decision, here are four reasons why you should go:

#1 The thrill of living abroad

The first major reason to take up this opportunity is that you get to visit and live in a different country. This is even more special if it’s your first time doing this. It can be daunting at first being so far away from home and having to find your own way. But that is part of the experience. There is a thrill that is impossible to reproduce unless you are there, alone and lost in a big city and having to navigate wherever you want to go.


#2 Meeting people from all over the world

With a new country, comes new people. This is especially prevalent at camp, as you’ll meet councillors and workers from all over the world. New people brings new friends and allows you to build relationships that could last a lifetime and a great boon if you ever decide to visit their country. You’ll learn about their culture and way of living. Even share stories about your own. You will find people as interested in your culture as you are in theirs. Councillors aside, there will also be kids from all over the world and they’ll have their own little stories to tell. Ones you will remember for the rest of your life

#3 The experience you carry into your future

Both of the above accumulate into lots of experience that you can later recall upon in life. By working in a foreign country, you are thereby representing your own and it shows that you can be responsible and reliable in undertaking great endeavours. Working at camp can also highlight your team working skills through the ability to adapt and work with strangers each bringing with them their different views in how to do the job. All of this looks incredible on a CV. Trust me, it will be the first thing that comes up no matter what job you apply for.


#4 Time to adventure

The final reason and probably the best is that after your contracted work at camp ends, you are then able to travel around the country as you please. At least until your visa runs out. You can do this solo or with a group of friends from camp and both ways has its own advantages. It’s also a nice chance to relax a little before going home after the summer of work. I personally travelled around the States from the east to the west and going at it alone allowed me to see what ever I want at my own pace. It also gave me lots of experience in journey planning on a large-scale as I had to manage finances for flights, accommodation and day-to-day activities. Hey, another great talking point on the CV.


So there you have it, 4 reasons I think why you should definitely take the opportunity to spend a summer at camp. There are many more reasons but you could essentially write a book on them and I would rather you experience them by going there yourself.

Let me know what you thought in the comments below. Have you ever worked in a summer camp or is it something you are considering? If any of you have any interesting questions I may write some future posts.

– Rajeevan Vijayakumar

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