Beiling Park 2/3 – The Emperor’s Tomb

Hello and welcome back. Beiling Park part 2 finishes directly where the first ended. We had paid for tickets to enter the Emperor’s Tomb which lies in the middle of the park. The tomb is listed as one of Shenyang’s main attractions so we decided to take a look. You are welcome now to do the same.


As I’m sure you have seen by now the tomb was a huge let down. You can look into the tomb, which is a room full of air conditioners and money on the floor, but that’s about it. However the path from the gate to the emperor’s tomb is a peaceful walk through some interesting statues and beautiful trees. Our friend When Yang explained most of the meanings behind what was built there (if it’s Chinese it’s probably made for good luck) which made for a pleasant walk. Should you find yourself in Shenyang, I recommend Beiling Park and the emperor’s tomb visit. But only for the walk it provides.

By far the most interesting part of the trip was climbing the wall to get a view of all the buildings below. It really did look beautiful and all the ancient buildings were so interesting to see. I hope that the video shows this well.

Moving on

The third and final part of the Beiling Park series is coming soon. Let us know in the comments how you like the series so far and if you want to see
more. In the meantime we are working on a few new projects to bring to you.

As always, Fusion will return.

– Adam Pemberton

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