Beiling Park 3/3 – The Fastest Boat in Beiling

Final Episode

Thus ends the first ever Fusion trilogy, Beiling Park.

The Beiling Park trilogy was a joy to make. We explored a beautiful park on a beautiful summer’s day. I should note that the final episode of this series is incredibly late. We originally weren’t planning on creating this series and in the meantime have been working on other things. But here it is finally. Enjoy.

I feel lucky to have this trilogy to look back on, something which I can remember my time in China with. If you ever wonder by Shenyang I insist on a visit to Beiling Park. An interesting alternative to the bike is a motor powered cart. There are also several locations and monuments that we didn’t visit on that day.

Editing Issues

An update to Adobe Premiere Pro destroyed my original edit for this video. As such I had to restart, coming across a multitude of problems which extended the process of editing massively. The multicam feature is particularly tricky to work with when your shots aren’t filmed in perfect sync.

Fortunately I persevered and finally completed the edit.

Luckily out of the process I was able to extract two bonus shorts from the day.

Firstly we have ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ performed by the one and only, Mhoses.

Finally we have ‘Hit the Road Jack’ performed by Natasha.

On to the next thing

We currently are working on multiple videos and the wait for the next will be short. I am excited for the future of Fusion and our content.

Perhaps we will return to Beiling Park soon before leaving Shenyang. It’s a place which holds some special memories. There were a few other activities to try there so we may return with some future content from the park.

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