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I am Adam Pemberton and we are Fusion Films


img_1648My name is Adam Pemberton. Whether you read this in 2016 because you just stumbled onto this website through some search engine malfunction. Or just became the billionth viewer (wishful thinking I know). I want to personally welcome you to Fusion Films.

Fusion Films began with myself and several friends creating Minecraft Machinima’s. That have all been lost to the ghost of hard drives past. Those same friends however, didn’t buy in to putting so much hard work into one video. Since then 4 years have passed. Now I have a dedicated group of friends who are all prepared to take on this challenge of creating a media group.

Our mission

image1Over the course of the months it will take us to prepare and complete our portfolio, I will document our progress here on this website. I hope any of you that might stick around for this part of our journey will enjoy reading what I have to say. Or most likely, in 2024 you will read this out of curiosity as to just how the world’s biggest media company started (hey, wishful thinking is my biggest strength). The other major members of Fusion Films will also document their point of view. Together we will post trailers, teasers, photographs from shoots and any bits of content we think might be of interest. I implore you to read their views along side mine. I doubt that you will be disappointed.

To personalise this a tad, I’ll talk about myself for a few sentences if that’s fine by you. Of course my name is Adam Pemberton, I am currently 23 and I am currently living in China with my girlfriend Nataliia. Together we are English teachers for Chinese children from the ages 4 to 11 or so. I completed a degree in Media Writing and Production where I greatly improved my writing abilities. The plan right now is to return to the UK in May 2017. Over this time we will create several pieces of content here in China. All to prepare for our release.

To conclude

My next update will detail some of the content we are creating at the beginning of Fusion and possible future projects. So look out for the POV’s of the other members and for any teaser content we might release in the coming weeks.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter at this link.

Finally, we here at Fusion Films are looking forward to the future and excited about what we will all create together.

See you there.

– Adam Pemberton

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