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I am Alan and we are Fusion Films

A little bit about me

Hello, I am Alan and I have been working on Fusion Films on-and-off with Adam over the past few years. In the past I have done some voice acting  and a couple of short films. However my acting skills are terrible. The technology side of Fusion is primarily what I deal with, like making sure this website is running smoothly.

I was born in Scotland and I am currently still there (not living in China like everyone else seems to be…) studying Computer Science at university. I have been developing websites for over ten years now and it is not only a hobby, but a career for me now. We’ve got a lot of big plans that we want to add to the site over the upcoming months. Next summer when I am done with university is when we are hoping to complete the bulk of the development. If you have any suggestions for the website then feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

My Favourite Things About Fusion Films

My favourite part about working on Fusion Films is doing the Adventure Team videos. As you can see from the picture above, I am leading everyone down a river to do some white water rafting in Aberfeldy, Scotland during the summer of 2015. Shortly after this picture was taken, it gets really wild and everyone gets thrown from the boat. It was a pretty crazy experience. Another thing I really love about Fusion Films is how it is open to everyone. Anyone can come and contribute to any project they wish, and they get to enjoy being part of the Fusion family. This gives so many people the opportunity to contribute to Fusion and learn something in the process, and also gives people an opportunity to meet lots of new friends!

– Alan

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