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I am Mhoses and we are Fusion Films


Hi my name is Mhoses. I joined Fusion Films in China when Adam and Nataliia asked me to help them to make some archery videos (which we did not upload). I remember how I felt when I touched the bow and felt inspired by characters like Hawkeye and Katniss. At the time I found it very hard to draw the bow, my arms were so tired but everything was very exciting.

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Wall Crawler Mhoses

Mhoses in Fusion

When I think about it, I realise I have done so much in Fusion Films. Whatever Fusion needs me to do, even if it is very complicated, I do it.

I have mostly worked as a boom mic operator on things like Laser Tag, holding it while someone else speaks. But I also had to communicate in Chinese when we filmed Fusion Races with the staff so they could let us film in the track.

I do what I can. Everyone says that I am an honest man but I just think that I do what I should do.

For me, the biggest challenge is when we do an activity and film everything but we cannot finish the video.

Like when we did the climbing wall but it was too cold to climb so we didn’t finish.

I felt bad because we climbed so high. But when I climbed up the wall and overlooked everything, I felt very happy.

My dream for the future

My biggest dream is to create a Fusion Films team in China where we can make many videos together. This is what I like to do and it has become my favourite thing in the world.

I want to do all that I can do. If no-one will join me here in Shenyang, I will hold a sign up in the street to find someone.

I look forward to trying Go Karting, archery and more activities again.

Sure that I can play a big part in Fusion Films, I am very excited.

– Mhoses

Boom Mic Mhoses


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