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I am Nataliia and we are Fusion Films


Hello everyone! My name is Nataliia, my age is 23, and I am a member of a creative team Fusion Films. I was born in Ukraine. I currently work as an English teacher while living in China. It’s been one year and a half since I came to this Asian country. It’s been a year since I’ve opened Fusion for myself. There was always a place and time for art and creativity in my life. I was singing, dancing and performing since my childhood. Playing musical instruments was my hobby for a long time. Working and doing things with enthusiastic and creative people was always a pleasant experience . It made me feel joyful and inspired.

What is Fusion Films?

Now I am trying out video making which is fun and challenging at the same time. When I heard about this project I felt excited to do an experiment and see if I can be a part of this marvellous project. When I finally tried, I saw the world from the camera’s perspective and this new vision was an incredible discovery for me.

One of the best things about Fusion is this community is open for people. Anyone who has a strong desire and motivation to share their ideas, make videos together and try themselves in a huge diversity of roles is always “welcome to Fusion Films”.

– Nataliia

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