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I am Raj and we are Fusion Films


Before we go on I would like to thank Adam Pemberton for allowing me to post on Fusion As well as Alan Munro for introducing me to this opportunity.

Meet Raj

Hi everyone, my name is Rajeevan Vijayakumar. Go on try to pronounce it. But I go by Raj for the sake of simplicity. I am 22 and I am a Computing Science Major from the University of Glasgow. My interests include everything and anything that is tech or entertainment related. This means everything from video games to taking apart computers. Also I love to scour the internet to keep up to date with all the latest tech news.

My Role in Fusion

During the summer of 2017, I spent 2 months working in the United States at a summer camp. I thought documenting this experience would be the perfect way to begin my journey with Fusion Films. So I hope you stick around for what is my biggest adventure to date. It is my goal to entertain you with an insight to the various aspects of camp life with pictures and articles.

Before this, I would say my life experiences were limited to say the least. I have been to many countries, from India, Sri Lanka and multiple European ones. These trips were mostly with family and friends but the trip to the west was my first solo venture. As such it really built up my confidence levels and my independence.


My experience in front of the camera and producing was also severely limited before this adventure. But after multiple days in NYC wearing a camera on my head and chest, I think I have become fairly confident in front of a camera. This I feel is one of my strengths that I’ll bring to the FF team. In that I would always be up for speaking in front of a camera as well as undertake most tasks with little hesitation.

Thank you for reading.

Rajeevan Vijayakumar

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