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Go Karting Tournament – Fusion Races

Go Karting tournament with all your favourite Fusion stars

Fusion Races is a go karting series in which 10 drivers compete in four races, divided into two groups with only one winner.

I’ll level with you guys, the Fusion Races you see was never supposed to exist. At least not in this form. Before Fusion Races came a little series called Adventure Team COMING SOON™. Originally we set out to create the first in what we hope to be a long series of ‘documentary’ style videos where we explore the world taking on every activity we can. And we did, but it didn’t hit the notes we are looking for with our ‘main channel‘ Fusion videos. So for now we will hold off on Adventure Team to ensure that when you see it, it blows your mind. I sat on this go karting footage for a long time and finally decided to edit it together in a way that matched the passion we poured into planning and making it.

Fusion Races Crew

Welcome to Fusion Races.

Each driver got two races (six minutes each) to get the fastest lap possible. For most of us it was the first time we have been go karting so the playing field was fairly even. The scores for each race will be at the end of each video but you can find the final scores at the bottom of this post.

Fusion Races stars myself, Nataliia and Mhoses as well as Eric who you may or may not remember from his brief introduction in Laser Tag. We were joined by a bunch of other friends too who helped to make it such an awesome experience.

Without further pomp and circumstance, here is Fusion Races. Enjoy.

Fusion Races #1: Feel The Speed

The crew introduce themselves and start the first two races to warm up. With everyone looking to take an early lead, who will pull ahead?

Fusion Races #2: The Next Champion?

The second and last race of group 2, they hit the pedal to give it everything they’ve got.

Fusion Races #3: Known To Win

The final race of the day, does anyone from group 2 have what it takes to beat the leader of group 1?

Fusion Races #4: Winners Ceremony

We find out the final rankings of Fusion Races from 10th to 1st place.

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Memoirs from the cast

NataliiaNataliia Interview

When I remember the time we were racing at full speed together, I realise it was truly a great experience. But not only the fun part exists in my memories. The challenging part, to organise all of this and what’s more important – to bring everyone together in one place, – also fills my heart with warmth. It was the first time I tried go karting and where – in China! In the country where everything you experience amazes you. That day I tried to race and even to film it, which felt incredible. I guess just trying some activities is one thing but putting it into a video with your colleagues, friends, even people you saw for the first time in your life is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I am Fusion and I’m happy to share it with others. You are Fusion when you watch it and find it inspiring. We are Fusion. We make our own art and are proud of it.

Mhoses (edited for translation)

Mhoses Interview

The most perfect time we had was go karting. Every tiny thing made me very happy. I was happy that we had so many people do this together and it was very exciting when we all drove around the track corners. The kart was very fast as I drove. The air blew on my face and I tried to relax, but it was so exciting when I tried the fastest speed. I could clearly hear the sound of the air running past me. The feeling of my heart beating drove fast, made me really nervous. Someone thought it was a dangerous sport, but I think it is really a good memory in my brain for ever!

That’s all I wanna say about go karting. And I knew, it was you [Adam] who brought all this happiness to us, all the people who joined this game! I wish I could make that period of time happen again!


Eric interview

The go karting event I went to with my friends was quite exciting. We did two laps each. The karts were quite fast but easy to drive. The karting place gave us a safety lesson and then we started our race. It was so much fun, I didn’t even want to get off the kart after the race.  I really hope that we can do it again some day in the future.

Editors Thoughts

As you have read this series was originally meant to be one cohesive video at around 7-10 minutes. Clearly at that kind of length it needs to be exceptional quality otherwise no-one will get past the introduction. I didn’t feel like this video would have worked in that style that so I set myself the task of turning this footage into something people would watch.

I started with five videos, each race had its own video with the winners ceremony at the end. However it played a lot better to see the first two (slower) races combined in a much more condensed version.

The thing about go karting in general is you really don’t get a sense of who is winning. Looking at the footage it seems like I did great in my first race yet I came fourth. We only knew how we were doing by looking up at the giant scoreboard you might notice in a few shots. Without this context it was really about adding the most interesting shots together to get a sense of who is racing well. For instance you can tell Nataliia is doing well in the first race as you see her pass everyone consistently. Then it was a case revealing the score at the end.

I try to add whatever I can into these videos, graphics, subtitles and a great many other things to raise the quality even fractionally. Unfortunately the video and audio quality took hits during this go karting series because the lighting was bad and on top of the loud roar of 5 gokarts blazing around a track, they played music for our first two races. Hopefully, despite this you can still enjoy the video as I worked incredibly hard to make these non-issues.

The wonderful music of Bensound

As usual the incredible soundtracks are from the amazingly talented Bensound. To be clear, we don’t work with him, his music is royalty free and available for anyone to use. We are however incredibly grateful for what he offers and I urge you to check out his other tracks… Or simply wait until we’ve used them all in our subsequent videos.

A touch of personality

I wanted to keep a sense of the personality we put into the video so I kept as much of the preparation and post race commentaries as I could. I suppose I look at this series firstly as a singular instance but also as part of a much bigger project, Fusion. Those of you who have followed us from our first drone video should be getting a sense of who we are and what we are like. Particularly with a character like Mhoses whose personality jumps right out of the screen. Which reminds me, this series is the last time you will see Mhoses for a while. It’s the last thing we filmed in China and it will be some time until he appears again but fear not, he will return.

Finally, the biggest challenge of editing Fusion Races was having to finish them all at the same time. Rather than editing one and releasing it, I made the executive decision to finish them all together for end-slate purposes, consistency and creating a backlog of content. With any luck this will tie the series together whilst keeping each episode unique in its own way.


Concluding thoughts

For anyone who has been wondering, Beijing Rush part 3 is coming soon followed by a brand new series featuring Alan Munro and his friend Rajeevan Vijayakumar for Alan’s first video appearance. I won’t give any hints right now but keep your eyes peeled for that.

I want to thank everyone who took part and helped to make this such a fantastic memory, including the go karting track (the site is in Chinese, here’s the Trip Advisor link) and its crew who were incredibly accommodating of us and our cameras. Competing against everyone was an amazing experience and I cannot wait for the next one.

Thus ends another post. It’s been a pleasure writing this and I hope you enjoy the series. Let us know what you thought in the comments down below, have you ever been go karting? How was it? If you want to see more please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

See you next time.

– Adam Pemberton

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