Made in America: A Weekend in Philly

Hello everyone, it’s Raj back again with another adventure. This one as you might have guessed is what happened when I and Alan went to Made in America in Philadelphia.

About the city itself, I know very little.

Besides that it’s in Pennsylvania state and famous for cheese steaks. Most importantly, it is home to an annual music festival known as Made in America.

To join me on this unforgettable weekend, I had none other than the big man himself, Mr Alan Munro. So with the main characters introduced and the event decided. Let’s get this show on the road.

Made in America

Before we go onto to what transpired, I want to go into how the weekend came to be and a little intro to the festival.

To my knowledge the idea to attend Made in America was basically put forward as a joke. As one of the featuring artists was London grime artist, Stormzy. Let’s just we are very acquainted with his work and he had just released his debut album.

Next thing I was booking tickets and Alan was flying over to meet me in NYC.

Made in America is an annual music festival that takes place in the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

It is organised by Jay Z. Each year it features the hottest artists with their newly released albums. As well as smaller, up and coming artists. To give them the opportunity to get their music out there. There were various stages and each one was scaled to the popularity of the artist as you could expect. With the main stage for the biggest ones.


The Festival Itself

The whole day we had been docile to say the least but as soon as London took the stage, we went crazy. Especially Alan.

He listened to Stormzy’s new album on repeat before coming and he was screaming his head off to every track.

But when the last two tracks came on, we were both belting out his most iconic tracks, Shut Up and Big for your Boots.

If we thought that was the end of that performance, boy were we wrong. We got the chance to meet the man himself and Alan managed to get a selfie with him.

The final act of the evening was a performance by J.Cole. But we decided to pass on it because neither of us had heard any of his music. And it had started to pour down.


Day Two of Made in America

The second day started out similarly where we went around a few of the stages and saw some of the smaller artists.

Later we stopped to listen to Marshmello before the first headliner of the evening, The Chainsmokers.

Now, our reaction to their performance, imagine how I described us during Stormzy. But multiplied many times.

It’s hard to put into words but we were screaming our lungs off, pushing others to get to the front and by the time it was over, I could barely speak.

Following this was the main event of the entire festival, a performance by Jay Z himself.

Admittedly I wasn’t expecting as much excitement as the previous performance since we hadn’t listened to his new album but I was optimistic that he would do some of the classics. And that he did and the whole park went crazy to the likes of ‘Empire state of Mind’ and ‘Run this Town’.

When mosh pits started, I was in there in seconds and lost sight of Alan so many times.

After some more hits, he rounded off the Festival with a tribute to the recently deceased Chester Bennington. He sang ‘Numb/Encore’ and what was left of my voice finally went.



Made in America – An Unforgettable Experience

All in all, for my first music festival I had a fantastic time and an unforgettable experience.

For me it was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity but I enjoyed all the music acts I heard.

Though in hindsight, I wished I had listened to some of the acts before so I would not have been totally clueless at times.

And let’s not forget Alan for being there all the way and for making the whole experience as fun as it was.


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– Rajeevan Vijayakumar

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