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Marvel and Me

Like many people I came in to Marvel ‘officially’ through the cinematic universe.

Who wasn’t blown over by the first Iron Man film, or completely drawn in by Avengers Assemble?

In the past I did play Marvel games, watch the cartoons and some of the old films, but I was hardly a fan.

I say this because whilst I always loved the idea of these characters… I never really knew them. Thus, I decided to attempt something crazy. I started to read the comics.siege

For those of you who don’t know, there are over 60 years of comics with over 16,000 issues. This expands by about 13 or more every week. Hence the crazy.

Most of them are available on the subscription based service, Marvel Unlimited. However I didn’t know about this and spent huge amounts of money on individual physical comics.

I started with Siege. Perhaps one of the most complicated comic series to begin with but perhaps one of the most perfectly illustrated comic series at the same time.

Thank you Olivier Coipel.

From there I decided which characters to follow and purchased the next book. Randomly hopping around the timeline to and fro so that I could expand my knowledge. A stark contrast to Natasha who is reading the entire universe from the beginning.

Marvel Unlimited, My saviour

marvel unlimitedEventually I found Marvel Unlimited and subscribed immediately. It took me so long to find it I can only assume it wasn’t properly advertised at the time.

Had I continued buying physical comics I imagine I would have to dedicate an entire apartment to comic book storage.

Once I had downloaded the app I was given access to all the previous comics. Since then I have read the entire history of the Amazing Spider-Man (700 issues) and a large variety of other things.

Possibly the best feature of the app is the recent comics. The app, to save physical sales, releases comics week by week, 6 months behind print. For the amount of money I save, I can live with this.

Moving slightly away from my unpaid promotion… Nearing my third year of reading comics and having seen the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (twice), it’s safe to say that Marvel is an important part of my life.

Looking Towards the Futureolivier coipel

Why did I write this post?

I decided to open the discussion and topic of Marvel in Fusion because we have plans for the future. Those of you who are big Marvel fans, look out for our Marvel related content. Those of you who aren’t… Also look out for our content because we will be producing some interesting things. Potentially a book club, of sorts.

Finally, let me know in the comments below about your experiences in Marvel. Did you start reading ten years ago? Did you accidentally walk into a showing of Doctor Strange and want to know more? I want to hear about it.

As always, see you next time.

– Adam Pemberton

Psttt. Marvel, if you want me to continuously promote your content I’ll do it for free. But if you want to send me some things that’d be great.

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