QiPan Mountain: Team Fusion goes Skiing

By now if you have read my other posts, you may know that I and Natasha live in Shenyang, China. The city, living here, I’ll talk about that later. Right now I have a different, but mostly related purpose. We love doing activities, Go Karting and Archery have been the most accessible ones so far. But there’s quite a lot of skiing/snowboarding options, probably due to the ice cold weather.

QiPan Mountain

So, wanting to make the best out of a good opportunity, we took our GoPro’s and headed out to QiPan Mountain. QiPan Mountain is located to the East of Shenyang, just a tad outside if I recall correctly. Considering the winter weather, everything there is pretty much snow. Which of course is perfect for skiing. The resort itself is OK. It’s not a Ski Lodge in Switzerland. But it’s snow on a hill with some ski’s. I’ve learned not to complain.


Our confusion over where we were supposed to go and what to do led to us paying for an instructor (double the usual price). Luckily a few of the instructors had an acceptable level of English, in stark contrast to my unacceptable level of Chinese. He was very helpful and incredibly nervous, dealing with foreigners and such. Unfortunately for us in the confusion we ended up with one instructor for two of
us, which meant long wait times. Made longer by the painfully slow escalator back to the top of the mountain. All in all we didn’t actually ski that much, the majority of the day was waiting for the instructor to return whilst we waited in a ‘stop’ position. But it was fun, a solid first try for myself. I didn’t even fall, not once. Now I present ‘Team Fusion Goes Skiing’, enjoy.

In addition to posting this video to YouTube, we submitted a slightly smaller edit to the GoPro Awards. We’ll let you know how that goes.

I’ll see you next time. If you enjoyed the video, make sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.


You may notice that there are three GoPro’s in the video, yet you only see the perspective of one. This is due to some issues with the Hero 3 Black and Silver. They performed poorly in the lighting conditions, compared to the beautiful Hero 5 Black which you saw. Additionally, they seem to be having some trouble with battery life in the cold. The Hero 3 Black swallowed 2 full batteries. The Hero 5, not even a full battery. In future projects we will be running only Hero 5 Blacks to avoid any further issues.

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