SUBSQUAD: Your ticket to free subs at Subway


Make a SUBWAY SUBSQUAD on your phone today! Before we get talking about SUBWAY SUBSQUAD we have to introduce the SUBCARD!

The SUBWAY SUBCARD can be picked up free from any SUBWAY store (just ask a staff member) or downloaded on the app store.

Your SUBCARD allows you to gain 5 points for every £1 you spend in SUBWAY. When you reach 500 points you are then able to redeem your points for a free 6-inch sub or when you reach 1000 points you get a free foot long!

When you signup for a SUBCARD you will receive double points for the first 28 days. This is a great way to build those points up! So if you love eating at SUBWAY, then the SUBCARD is a great way to get a free sub every so often.


SUBSQUAD is an extension of the SUBCARD. Which allows you and your friends (minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 9Gain extra points with SUBSQUAD!) to get even more points for your SUBCARD (app only). If you have a SUBCARD then you can open the app and create a SUBSQUAD.

First someone from your SUBSQUAD makes a purchase in a SUBWAY store.

Then you will receive a notification on your phone telling you that someone has bought something.

Each member of the squad will then get 4 hours to make a purchase in SUBWAY. As long as they make a purchase, they get an additional 50 points added to their SUBCARD! It doesn’t matter how much you spend, just as long as you buy something within the time window.

Sadly you can only be a member of one SUBSQUAD at a time. Also the bonus points do not stack up as there can only be one window open at a time (therefore 6 per day). So the most you can get is 50 points every 4 hours.


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