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Travel in Beijing: The Beijing Rush – Day 2

Day 2

Our second day of travel in Beijing began in the best way it is possible to start a day.

We had breakfast in the hotel buffet.

You may have heard that Chinese people eat rice and noodles for every meal. Probably you dismissed this as an ignorant statement. Yet it’s absolutely true. Except they also eat a lot of corn too.

I am telling you this because their dietary choices severely limited my own, most supermarkets in Shenyang don’t even sell sufficient products to make a proper sandwich.

Which is why the buffet was so special to me. It was filled with both Western and Asian dishes. As a result of this I was able to create a full English breakfast. For the first time in a year and a half I was able to eat a full English breakfast. Chances are you can’t even imagine what this felt like, you with your ASDA down the road and your fridge full of bacon. You don’t know how lucky you are.

As a result of our Forbidden-ness to the Palace on the first day, Nataliia scheduled our whole day of travel in Beijing. Ensuring we should get to everywhere we wanted to visit and still make the 6pm train home.

First stop, the Beijing Zoo.

Beijing Zoo

For anyone who doesn’t know, Beijing Zoo is home to several Pandas. Nataliia and I had dreamed of seeing Panda’s since we first arrived in China long ago. The tickets to the zoo were reasonably cheap, the extra ticket to view the pandas were only a small amount more.

We entered the zoo and immediately began filming. In addition to the video below, I will write-up our thoughts on the zoo, the trip and the weather.


Let us know what you thought in the comments.

Editor’s Notes

Beijing Rush #3 is the final in the Beijing trilogy and my personal favourite experience of the trip. I went into it with the intent of making it as short as possible so a lot was cut, after all we were there for about two hours. I wanted to include at least some of every species of animal we saw if only for one shot. Upon finishing the edit I think I did quite well and displayed the zoo’s animals quite well.

For this project we used two GoPro Hero 5’s, one mounted on the 3 way arm with Nataliia and the other on a head cam with myself. By doing this we were able to capture most of the full experience, however due to a few different reasons we missed some interesting parts. As I’m sure you can tell there are areas where the lighting is bad or animals that are just too far away from the camera to get a proper look at without zooming in.

One of the most interesting parts of our trip to the zoo was that it just started snowing when we left the reptile house. This changed the atmosphere and made the whole zoo look more beautiful.

The main purpose of this video is to convince anyone that wants to travel in Beijing to visit the zoo and I hope that I was able to achieve this. Although, maybe plan for summer as a great deal of animals were missing. Whether due to off season, the weather or bad luck, we found no lions, penguins or baby Panda’s.

Artic Fox

The Forbidden Palace Take 2

We left the zoo in the highest of spirits. Due to our rejection to the palace the previous day, we checked online if it would be open or not. Luckily for us it was open so we headed straight to the palace from the zoo. As long as we got in before the gates closed at 3:30 we would have more than enough time to explore. If we didn’t get there by 3:30… well. We would be going home with one less experience.

Naturally, because we planned everything we arrived at 3:10, giving us plenty of time.

Except there was a queue of like 300 people. Tons of tourists were pushing their way to the front completely ignoring the clear signs to wait. Because of this by the time we reached the gate it was too late to get inside. So we were moved through the bag scanners and once again allowed to look at the outside of the Forbidden Palace.

We were forbidden entry twice. Is that even possible?

Top tip: If you travel in Beijing… well you probably will be on a real holiday so you can go to the places when they’re actually open. Disregard this tip.

Tiananmen Square

Leaving Beijing

So we returned to collect our bags from the hotel. Personally I had absolutely no desires to return to Shenyang. For me travel in Beijing was absolutely worth it. Primarily because it had enough foreign culture to be appealing, yet almost none of Shenyang’s drawbacks. Then again, we were on holiday so who knows. After leaving I suffered from some serious holiday withdrawal. It has been a while since the trip and I STILL miss that hotel.

After a quick Beijing McDonald’s, we got on the train at 6pm. After one stop the train emptied, getting progressively quieter as the night went on. It was a peaceful end to the trip, I actually enjoyed the high-speed train for the first time. Most people were asleep and less than 10% of the seats were full.

When we arrived in Shenyang it was snowing, 30 taxi drivers pestered us trying to double charge for the convenience of parking outside the train station. We walked a small distance away and caught a taxi for the usual price. Except the guy misunderstood our address (for the 100th time) and took us way past our apartment, in a circle then only helped us back after we let him use the maps on our phones…

Proof positive that Shenyang was not the place for us. Beijing however, well, lets just say Fusion has Great plans for a certain Wall.

If you enjoyed our Beijing videos be sure to let us know. The next logical step for you is our Fusion Races series where a big group of us compete in a go karting tournament.

– Adam Pemberton


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